How do decide if rose water is for you


Rose Water toner is a great starter toner, but you may not need it. If you’re experiencing oily, acne/blackhead prone skin, this isn’t for you.

Dry, sensitive skin with mild acne would benefit most from Rosewater.


Rosewater is ideal for hydrating the skin by adding moisture and balancing pH. Eczema, rosacea and skin that experiences psoriasis can all benefit from this.

If you live in a dry climate that effects your skin, rosewater would benefit you the most. I recommend it for everyone looking to add more moisture to their winter skincare regimen.

If you are looking to combat oily skin, hyper-pigmentation, cystic acne, Black heads, etc, this NOT the toner for you. It’s not strong enough, and is mostly used as a hydrator. 

Ashley Johnson