Forbidden Fruit 411


You want the 411 on Forbidden Fruit? Forbidden fruit is a mechanical exfoliant specially formulated to gently buff away dead skin cells while replenishing the skin. 

Featuring jojoba seeds, raspberry and lotus water. Forbidden fruit doesn't contain ingredients that are jagged or can cause micro tears in your skin. We recommend  that you use it 2-3 times a week maximum for best results.

Jojoba beads provide a natural, biodegradable polishing experience to the skin while containing around 10% of jojoba oil. Ideal for balancing out skin's natural oils and providing natural anti-oxidants to the skin.

Raspberries add high concentrated Vitamin C, great for targeting dark spots and adding a natural glow to the skin. Packed with omega fatty acids, raspberries assist in reversing sun damage, fighting dry skin while tightening and toning the skin's texture. 

Lotus Water helps purifies pores while minimizing their appearance. Proteins available in the lotus plant allow the water to tighten and firm skin while providing a natural moisture that hydrates and gives the skin a plump look.



Each ingredient in The Forbidden Fruit was specially selected to help provide a rich facial experience. Exfoliating can be a painful, and potentially harmful part of your regimen if done wrong. By providing high quality ingredients and formulating them to work together, we are able to bring Forbidden Fruit. 

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