Hydrating Vs. Moisturizing (Face)

Hydrating the face is as easy as incorporating the correct ingredients into your regimen. One of the most popular ingredients for hydration is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a non-exfoliating molecule compound that draws 1000x its weight in water to your skin.

What does this mean? Less dry patches, more balanced skin sebum production and less flaky dry skin. HA is ideal for both oily and dry skin types, in short, who doesnt need more water?

Looking for easy ways to incorporate HA into your regimen? While everyone may not be a fan of 10 step facial regimens, Jade & Fox has a wide variety of products that you are already using that contains Hyaluronic Acid.

  1. Neptune Facial Spray

  2. Flesh Serum

  3. Adorn Serum

  4. Skywalker Facial Cleanser

  5. Honorary Mention to Rosewater Toner (glycerin)

What will the results look like from adding this simple ingredient into your regimen? More even textured skin, less rough patches/dry skin and face eczema. Dewy “glass skin” look along with the balance of hydration in skin.

The Next Step:

Now that you’ve properly hydrated your face, we need to seal in the hydration with moisturizers. Similar to the body, hydrators are water based and need to be sealed in with moisture (oil) based products. After incorporating hydration, seal In with your favorite oil based moisturizer.

Our current favorite moisturizer is Baby Face. Fruit packed

Ashley Johnson