What You Need to Know about Natural Deodorants

1) Before transitioning, please know the difference between a deodorant and an anti-persperant.

A deodorant was created to neutralize odors. Anti-perspirant's purpose is to stop you from sweating. Since antiperspirants aren't natural, they won't be found in natural deodorants. If you are looking for a more dry experience, look for a deodorant that is created with clays that can help absorb any wetness that may occur during your day. 



2) A detox may be necessary. Before using a natural deodorant you may want to remove any toxins that were left over from your commercial deodorant. If you think otherwise, please consider that deodorants can contain aluminum and that your underarm is a very sensitive area and can absorb lots of toxins. Deodorant buildup is natural, but can mess up your experience while transitioning. 


Faking the Funk detox bar not only exfoliates, but neutralizes odor with essential oils and detoxing activated charcoal. 

IMG_0989 2.JPG


If you've ever still had deodorant residue after a shower and could "skip a day" with application, you'll need a detox.

3) Are you allergic to baking soda? Baking soda can be a POWERFUL ingredient and can be great for deodorizing and soaking up wetness but you shouldn't go around slapping it on your body all willy nilly. It can cause outbreaks, rashes and just be an overall irritating experience.

Most people who find out they have baking soda allergies usually find out with a thick, rough and SENSITIVE rash on their underarm. If this has happened to you, DO NOT APPLY ANY PRODUCT. Gently cleanse on a regular basis and allow the rash to go away. 


4) Picking a natural deodorant can be like picking out a signature perfume. You're working directly with your body chemistry, the right scent and ingredients are imperative! Hopefully these tips help save you a few dollars and spare you from a few blunders.


Ashley Johnson