DIY Lemon Honey Recipe

Looking to get clear, glowing skin? We've got the formula right here. All of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen and are all natural.


2 Tsps Lemon Juice

3 Tsps Raw Honey 

3 Tsps Raw Sugar

1 Cup Water.


Boil water, combine ingredients in your favorite mug along with your favorite tea (I love fruit flavors) stir then sip. Continue reading.


Hopefully by now you've realized this recipe wasn't intended for your skin. While natural and holistic skin care has taken over, please understand that natural is not good at all times. Sometimes you need to bring in the heavy duty materials, sometimes you need a dermatologist or facial and sometimes you just need a cup of tea and to slow down.



One of the biggest myths going around about natural skin care is that lemon juice/oil is ideal for dealing with hyper-pigmentation. Lemons and most of it's products are extremely acidic, it has a pH of 2. This level of acid can damage the skin's protective barrier and cause all sorts of issues. For example, the average lemon contains fluranocourmarins and psoralen which can burn the skin  when exposed to the sun and cause blisters, burns and rawness.


Lemons have amazing skin care ingredients; Vitamin C, antioxidants, and can be great when added to products by a chemist. A lot of ingredients that need to be removed can't happen in your kitchen and that's perfectly ok. There are a ton of products on the market that can give you the benefit of lemons without any of the harmful side effects. 


Ashley Johnson